Our Team

Lorella Jowi-Founder

Lorella Jowi

Born and raised in Diani South Coast of Kenya. Lorella Jowi is a Journalism and Public Relations graduate of the Technical University of Kenya. Ms Jowi has worked and trained in production under award winning Hollywood veteran actor, director and filmmaker, D.David Morin of Slingshot Productions Africa. As a team, they worked on over 35 projects in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda,Ethiopia and Malawi. Find out more about Lorella’s work in the film and creative industry on LorellaJowi.

Dennis Andaye-Business Manager


Dennis Andaye was born and raised in Nairobi the Capital City of Kenya. He is a Journalism graduate of the Technical University of Kenya. Dennis is passionate about photography. He has worked as a business consultant for Business Development Initiative Network (BDIN) and his joy is to see lives being transformed through businesses.

Hellenah Atieno-Content Creator

Hellena Atieno

Born in Diani Kenya Hellena Jowi is a creative genius, lover of arts, a singer, actress and a part of the Filmic Team as the Content Director. She’s very fluid with words and is the soul behind Filmic articles and pieces.

Sarah Njoroge-Accountant/Finance Manager

Sarah Njoroge

I’m Sarah Njoroge, a certified public accountant (CPA), an experienced accountant and I am the accountant and finance manager at Filmic. I enjoy traveling, I’m a decent swimmer, I love meeting new people and being involved with filmmakers, I also enjoy watching movies.